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Coffin & Trout Fine Jewelers

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Over the years we’ve worked to perfect our unique Paragon design. Not just flat on the outside, our rings are different inside and out. This innovative approach to ring fit demonstrates the thought we put into every piece of jewelry we create. Not only are our pieces beautiful, but they can be worn with comfort for a lifetime.

The purpose of the Paragon design is to provide lasting comfort with a natural ring fit. Our design won’t spin around your finger like traditional round rings, frequently exposing the side or bottom. Also, our design is easier to wear, as it follows a more natural curve and is a comfortable width in between your fingers. This approach to ring fit also allows a Coffin & Trout ring to twist over larger knuckles. Finally, there is a defined top and bottom to our rings and our unique design helps keep the focus on the most important part, the main gemstones.

Our registered trademark, embedded into each of our creations, guarantees that all materials, designs and workmanship are exclusively that of Coffin & Trout. The integrity with which we conduct our business is our hallmark. We strive to create and stand behind jewelry of the highest quality and to earn your trust and lifelong patronage. This integrity is symbolized in the Coffin & Trout icon.

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